Melbet Registration with Bonus up to 50 000 NGN

If you are looking for a way into the exciting world of online betting, Melbet registration is your first step towards an exciting gambling experience.

Melbet, a prominent bookmaker, extends multiple registration options for Nigerian players, ensuring a tailored approach to  create melbet account. This article intricately navigates through the Melbet account opening process, encompassing every step — from selecting the most convenient registration method to initiating the first deposit, claiming the coveted welcome bonus, and commencing gameplay.

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Whether you prefer e-mail registration, creating your account via phone number, or convenient access via social networks – offers flexible Melbet account registration options to start your gaming journey as conveniently as possible.

Melbet Registration with Bonus up to 50 000 NGN

In this article, we will not only consider the process of Melbet registration in Nigeria but also give helpful tips on the use of bonuses, terms and conditions, and withdrawal of winnings, as well as consider how to delete a Melbet account or restore it.

Options for Registration on Melbet from Nigeria

Melbet offers various and convenient ways of registration so that everyone can open a Melbet account according to their preferences. Regardless of the chosen method, the registration process is simple and intuitive.

Melbet Registration via Email

Melbet registration by email is one of the most common and easiest ways how to register on Melbet. Just follow the official link on the website, find the Register or Sign Up button, enter your e mail, choose a password, and enter your details. After that, your account will be ready to use.

Quick Registration in 1 click

The bookmaker offers quick registration in one click for those who want to save time on melbet account creation. Just click on the appropriate button on the official website. This method of melbet register does not require filling in any additional information, which makes melbet sign up as fast and straightforward as possible.

Creating a Melbet Account by Phone Number

Melbet Registration with Bonus up to 50 000 NGN

If opting to register Melbet using your phone number, the betting company gives you this option. Visit the official website, select the phone number registration option, enter your number, and follow the guidelines to finalize the Melbet account registration procedure.

Registration via Social Networks

Signing up on Melbet through social networks is another option provided by Melbet. This method allows you to use existing data from your social network profile for fast melbet sign in on the betting company’s website.

Step-by-step Instruction for Registration on the Melbet Website

Melbet Registration with Bonus up to 50 000 NGN

The process of melbet account opening involves several basic steps:

Go to the Official Website

Open your browser and enter the official site address,, into the search bar. It will provide you with access to the platform of the betting company, where you can safely and confidently proceed with the registration process.

Start the Registration Process

Once you get to the website, pay attention to the different registration options Melbet provides. Choose the one that suits your preferences. Whether via e mail, or simplified access through your social profiles, Melbet offers a variety of ways how to delete Melbet account options for your convenience.


Enter Your Phone Number and Fill in the Form

During registration, you will be prompted to enter certain information required to create your account. Make sure the details you provide are precise and current.

Enter Melbet Promo Code

You will have the opportunity to enter a promo code to receive additional bonuses. Employ the promo code MELGIFT for an exclusive offer catering to newcomers, boosting the maximum welcome bonus to an impressive 140%.

Current promo code for today: July 21, 2024

Confirm Account Creation

After filling in all the required fields, you must confirm melbet account creation. Tap the “Register” button to finalize your registration on Melbet.

Now you have your Melbet user ID and are ready to start using your new Melbet account with access to all the features and entertainment provided by the betting company.

Terms and Conditions of Account Creation

Melbet Registration with Bonus up to 50 000 NGN

Melbet Nigeria users must follow certain conditions and rules to ensure safety and comfort while playing.

  1. Compliance with the Terms and Conditions of Registration.

At Melbet registration, providing accurate information corresponding to your data is essential. It will avoid problems with Melbet account verification and allow you to use the bookmaker’s features fully.

  1. Reaching the age of majority.

To create an account at Melbet, you must be 18 years old. Failure to comply with this rule may block or delete your account.

  1. Compliance with the Terms of Use of Account.

Melbet users are obliged to comply with the account terms of use provided by Melbet. It includes keeping their login (melbet user id) and account password safe, avoiding the transfer of data to other parties, and complying with the policies and rules of

Melbet also offers the option of using a Melbet demo account, which allows new players to familiarize themselves with the functionality of the platform, conduct test bets, and get acquainted with the interface without the risk of losing real funds.

To melbet login to an existing account, employ your login credentials, to access the platform that were created during registration. It will ensure the security of your account and allow you to access all gaming features.

How to Register in the Melbet App?

Melbet Registration with Bonus up to 50 000 NGN

Melbet provides a convenient application for those who prefer sports betting and gambling on their mobile devices. The process of Melbet registration in the app is almost identical to registration on the official website.

  • Get the Melbet App

    To initiate the registration process, ensure you've downloaded the Melbet app onto your mobile device. Visit, locate the App section or the links provided on the homepage footer to download the Melbet app.
  • Launch the App and Tap on Register

    After installing the app, open the app and click the Register button, which is located on the main screen of the app. It will allow you to create a Melbet account.
  • Fill in the Required Information

    When registering in the app, you must enter the same information as on the website. Fill in your details, e-mail, and phone number, and choose a unique password.
  • Confirm Registration

    After completing all the required fields, check the agreement with the Terms and Conditions of the website and follow the on-screen instructions to complete Melbet registration in Nigeria. You must go through Melbet account verification to utilize the site fully.
  • Login to your Account

    After successfully registering, you can Melbet app login using the credentials (username and password) you provided during the sign-up process. Find the Login button on the app's main screen and enter your credentials.

Signing up for the Melbet app will give you access to all the gaming and sports betting features on your mobile device, wherever you are.

Welcome Bonus for New Players

When you create a Melbet account, you unlock enticing welcome bonus exclusively tailored for new users.

Melbet Registration with Bonus up to 50 000 NGN

How to Get Melbet Bonus on Registration?

New players must register on the platform and make their first deposit to their account. To do this, please enter your melbet login Nigeria or register your account, then go to the Deposit section and choose convenient for you method of financial transactions. Once it completed, your deposit will be received and credited with a welcome bonus.

Get Bonus

Terms of Use and Wagering Rules of the Bonus

Having received a welcome bonus, players should familiarize themselves with the terms of its use and wagering rules. The amount received on the bonus account within the First Deposit Bonus at Melbet Nigeria must be wagered with a wager of 5. When wagering, you can use only multi bets, which consist of 3 or more events in the coupon. At the same time, the odds of each event must not be lower than 1.5. Read this offer’s full terms and conditions on the bonus page in the Promotions section.

Melbet Login to Player Account

Melbet Registration with Bonus up to 50 000 NGN

To access your account at Melbet, you need to follow the Melbet ng login procedure, which will allow you to access all the features on the platform.

  1. To access the official website, type into your browser’s address bar. This takes you to the bookmaker’s main page, where you’ll spot the “Log In” button. Click it to access the Melbet log-in page, where you can enter your registered username and password to proceed.
  2. Once you go to the login page, enter the username and password you used during Melbet registration. Ensure the entered data is correct to log in and access your account successfully.
  3. After successfully login Melbet, you get access to your account on Melbet. You will find all the necessary information about your balance, active bets, transaction history, and other gaming features here.

Verification on Melbet Website

Melbet account verification is an important step to ensure player data’s safety and security and comply with the company’s fraud prevention requirements.

The primary purpose of the Melbet account verification process is to and allow you to use all the platform’s features without restrictions. You will be required to provide specific details to verify.

You must confirm your contacts. It happens by sending a confirmation code to the phone number or e-mail address.

Verification Procedure:

  1. Log in to your Account. Under Account, confirm phone number and e-mail.
  2. Upload the required documents to verify your identity in the Documents section. It is necessary to confirm your registration information.
  3. After uploading the required documents, wait for confirmation from Melbet support. Typically, the verification process doesn’t take long. Soon after, you’ll receive a notification confirming the completion of your verification.
  4. Once verification is complete, you will be notified that the process has been successfully completed, and your account will have access to all the platform’s features.

First Deposit After Registration

Making your initial deposit after Melbet registration opens the door to a thrilling world of betting, unlocking additional bonuses. To add funds:

  1. Go to the Deposit section in your personal cabinet.
  2. Choose a convenient deposit method:
  3. Enter the deposit amount you wish to deposit to your game account.
  4. Wait for deposit receipt.
  5. Get welcome bonus.
Transaction type Payment system Limits
Card FlutterwaveCardpayment Min: 250 NGN – Max:25 000 000 NGN
PaystackCard Min: 250 NGN – Max:1 000 000 NGN
OpayBankCard Min: 250 NGN – Max:5 000 000 NGN
BankTransfer FlutterwaveBankTransfer Min: 250 NGN – Max:500 000 NGN
PaystackBank Min: 250 NGN – Max:1 000 000 NGN
PaystackBankTransfer Min: 250 NGN – Max:1 000 000 NGN
OPayBankAccount Min: 250 NGN – Max:5 000 000 NGN
OPayBankTransfer Min: 250 NGN – Max:5 000 000 NGN
USSD FlutterwaveUSSD Min: 250 NGN – Max:25 000 000 NGN
PaystackUSSD Min: 250 NGN – Max:1 000 000 NGN
OPayBankUssd Min: 250 NGN – Max:5 000 000 NGN
Other OpayWalletNg Min: 250 NGN – Max:5 000 000 NGN
OPayReferenceCode Min: 250 NGN – Max:5 000 000 NGN
Paystack Min: 250 NGN – Max:1 000 000 NGN

    How to Start Betting on Sports at Melbet?

    Melbet Registration with Bonus up to 50 000 NGN

    Melbet makes it straightforward to kickstart your sports betting journey on this platform.

    1. Access your Melbet account by log in

    Enter your login and password that you used during registration to get access to your melbet account.

    1. Select the events you are interested in

    On the Melbet homepage, select the sport you are interested in, going to Sports or Live sections.

    1. Select an outcome

    Choose your desired event and proceed to select the specific outcome for your bet. Bookmaker provides an extensive array of betting options for various aspects within each game, allowing you to choose.

    1. Specify the amount of your bet

    After selecting the bet type, specify the amount you want to bet. You will be shown the potential winnings from your bet if it is successful.

    1. Confirm your bet

    After filling in all the required details and entering the bet amount, ensure everything is correct and confirm your bet.

    1. Await the outcome

    After confirming your bet, all you have to do is wait for the result of the event. If your bet is successful, you will receive the winnings to your gaming account.

    Place a Bet

    Line and Odds

    Melbet Registration with Bonus up to 50 000 NGN

    Melbet’s line and odds are essential sports betting tools that help you decide your betting choices and potential winnings.

    The Melbet lineup lists sporting events and betting types available to users. It encompasses a diverse array of sports, spanning from soccer to eSports and beyond.

    The odds in Melbet betting reflect the probability of an event. The lower the odds, the more likely the event will end with a given outcome. A high odds indicates a lower probability but brings high winnings.

    Browse the available sporting events and bets and analyze past results and the current form of teams or athletes. The line and odds at Melbet provide plenty of opportunities for various sports betting, allowing you to enjoy the excitement and thrill of sporting events.

    Live Bets

    Melbet Registration with Bonus up to 50 000 NGN

    Live betting at Melbet provides a unique opportunity to bet in real-time on sports events that are happening at the moment. It allows users to experience the thrill and make decisions based on the current gambling situation.

    How does Live Betting at Melbet work?

    1. Availability of live events

    Melbet offers an extensive selection of live betting opportunities across various sporting events.

    1. Fast decisions and up-to-date information

    Live betting lets you make quick decisions during a match based on the current game situation and analyze what is happening. Information about changes in the game is updated in real-time to assist in making more strategic bets.

    1. Variety of betting outcomes

    Different bets are available at Melbet Live: on the match’s outcome, the number of goals, and many others. It allows you to choose the best betting options based on the current situation in the game.

    1. Emotions and dynamics of events

    Playing in real-time allows you to feel the real emotions of sporting events. The game’s dynamics and the ability to react to changes in the situation make live betting at Melbet exciting.


    Melbet Registration with Bonus up to 50 000 NGN

    Esports at Melbet opens up a fascinating world of competition in a virtual environment where a player’s skills, strategy, and reactions are paramount.

    1. Variety of disciplines

    Melbet offers many eSports disciplines: Dota 2, CS:GO, League of Legends, FIFA, StarCraft II, etc. Each discipline has unique game mechanics and teams, creating variety for betting.

    1. Strategies and tactics

    Esports events require analytics and knowledge of game mechanics and strategies. You must analyze past team results, lineups, game tactics, and more to make a successful prediction.

    1. Live streaming and betting

    Melbet Nigeria offers the opportunity to bet during matches. Live streaming of eSports events allows you to follow the game and adapt your betting strategy in real-time.

    1. Teams and players

    Analyzing team lineups and individual players is the key to successful betting. Some players or teams have outstanding performances in specific disciplines, which can influence the outcome of a match.

    Free Matches Streaming

    At Melbet, access live streaming of various sporting events right on the platform, enabling you to watch the action live and place bets in real-time.

    Melbet provides free broadcasts for many sporting events, from soccer to cybersports and other popular sports. It allows users to watch games at no extra cost.

    Unlock the thrilling world of real-time sports action through Melbet’s complimentary streaming feature. Witness your favorite events live, empowering you to strategize and make well-informed betting choices as the game unfolds. Stream, engage, and bet with confidence at Melbet.

    Benefits of free streaming:

    1. Free access

    Free streaming at Melbet is free for registered users at no extra cost, providing ample opportunities to follow the gameplay.

    1. Dynamism and analysis

    Dive into the live broadcasts to capture the unfolding dynamics and real-time events of the game, allowing for astute decision-making in your betting pursuits.

    1. Entertainment and excitement

    Melbet free streaming not only provides information on events but also creates an exciting atmosphere to immerse yourself in the gaming atmosphere.

    Melbet Withdrawal of Winnings — Available Payment Methods

    Melbet provides convenient methods for withdrawing winnings, providing players with convenience and security in receiving their funds. At the moment, two payment systems are available. Let’s delve deeper into these payment methods.

    Payment method Limits
    Paystack Min: 100 NGN – Max:1 000 000 NGN
    FlutterwaveWithBankTransfer Min: 500 NGN – Max:25 000 000 NGN

    To initiate your withdrawal process and claim your winnings, a straightforward sequence of steps needs to be followed::

    1. Selecting the appropriate payment method

    Users can choose between different methods of withdrawing winnings based on their convenience, availability, and transaction time.

    1. Confirmation of details and amount

    After selecting the withdrawal method, you must choose the appropriate bank from the Bank List, enter the Account Number, and the amount you want to withdraw from your gaming account.

    1. Waiting for transaction

    The transaction time depends on the selected withdrawal method. Money transactions through some payment methods are processed quickly, while withdrawals through other payment systems may take several days.

    Account Restore

    Melbet Registration with Bonus up to 50 000 NGN

    If you have a Melbet login problem, there are several ways to restore access.

    Via Client Email

    If you have lost access to your Melbet account, you can use the recovery option via e-mail. You will be sent instructions on how to restore access to your registered email address.

    Through the Player’s Phone Number

    Another method to recover your account is by utilizing the phone number associated with your profile. You may be given instructions on restoring access via SMS or a call to your phone number.

    Sometimes, emails with recovery instructions may be spammed in your inbox. Make sure you check all folders in your mail, including spam.

    If you are still trying to access your account, contact Melbet support. They can help you regain access or provide additional instructions to resolve the issue.

    How to Delete a Melbet Account?

    If you need information on how to delete Melbet account, follow these instructions:

    1. Log in to your account;
    2. Go to your profile settings;
    3. Find the option to delete your account;
    4. Click on the appropriate button to delete your Melbet account;
    5. Confirm the deletion.

    In case of difficulty or if you cannot find the delete option, it is recommended that you contact Melbet support for further instructions and assistance.

    Benefits of Registration on Melbet

    Melbet registration offers you many advantages, making your online betting experience more convenient and exciting.

    Melbet Registration with Bonus up to 50 000 NGN

    At Melbet Nigeria, the platform offers an extensive spectrum of global sporting events. From soccer showdowns to tennis tournaments, boxing bouts, cyber sports competitions, and beyond, there's a diverse range to explore.

    Melbet Registration with Bonus up to 50 000 NGN

    The ability to watch live streaming of matches makes betting more exciting. provides many live-streaming options to follow the action and bet on the game's progress.

    Melbet Registration with Bonus up to 50 000 NGN

    Joining Melbet Nigeria brings forth a door of opportunities, starting with a welcome bonus upon your initial deposit.

    Melbet Registration with Bonus up to 50 000 NGN

    Beyond this, the platform delights its players with an array of bonuses and promotions. From free bets to augmented odds and coveted prizes, themed promotions add an extra layer of excitement to your gaming experience.

    Melbet Registration with Bonus up to 50 000 NGN provides a convenient mobile application that allows you to bet anywhere and anytime, which makes the betting process as comfortable as possible.

    Melbet Registration with Bonus up to 50 000 NGN

    The Melbet Nigeria platform ensures fast and secure transactions when withdrawing winnings.

    Melbet Registration with Bonus up to 50 000 NGN

    The support team is available around the clock to help with any questions or problems using the platform.

    Melbet Registration with Bonus up to 50 000 NGN

    Melbet ng has an official license, which gives players confidence in the platform and guarantees their rights.

    Melbet Registration with Bonus up to 50 000 NGN

    The Melbet Nigeria platform takes measures to protect player privacy by ensuring the security of personal information.

      Customer Service Contacts

      Melbet Support is here to help you with any questions or concerns about using the platform. You can contact them via the contact details if you need help with registration, placing a bet, or have technical difficulties.

      Melbet provides a live chat function on its website for quick communication with support representatives. Live chat can be accessed via a website or mobile app button.

      Melbet’s Licence and Reliability

      Melbet is an online bookmaker company that has an official license to operate. Melbet operates following the laws and licenses. The bookmaker follows the regulations of the gambling industry.

      Melbet stands firm on the principle of fair play and ensures an equitable gaming environment. The systems of rewarding and calculating the results of Melbet Nigeria bets are based on transparency to the players. One of Melbet ng’s main priorities is to protect its players’ interests and data. The bookmaker takes technical and organizational measures to ensure the security of confidential information and financial transactions.

      Melbet attaches great importance to its reputation and is committed to providing a reliable and secure betting platform, complying with the necessary standards and license requirements.

      Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

      • What registration options are available at

        Melbet offers versatile registration options, including via email, one-click, phone number, or through pages in social networks.

      • What are the account verification methods provided by Melbet Nigeria?

        Account creation is confirmed by verifying your contact information (e mail and phone number) and sending a document that confirms your identity.

      • How can I avail the welcome bonus at Melbet Nigeria?

        Upon signing up and making your initial deposit, you’re eligible to receive the welcome bonus—an exciting offer exclusive to new users.

      • How do I restore my account?

        To regain access to your account, you have options: utilize your registered email, phone number, or reach out to customer support for assistance in account recovery.

      • How can I close my Melbet account?

        To delete your account, you can use the delete function in the profile settings on the official website.

      • Where can I find Melbet's license?

        The company’s license information is listed on the official website in the About us section.

      • Is there an app for Melbet betting?

        Yes, Melbet provides a handy mobile app.

      • How can I apply a promo code on Melbet?

        To utilize a promo code on Melbet, you have two options during registration: there’s a dedicated field provided for promo code entry. Alternatively, within your personal account, access the Offers section, specifically the Promo Codes subsection, to input the code.

      • What to do if I have problems with logging in to Melbet?

        In case of login problems, you can use the account recovery function or contact support.

      • Can I watch free match broadcasts on Melbet?

        Yes, Melbet provides free streaming for registered users on certain sporting events.

      • What currency is used on uses the Nigerian Naira (NGN) as its main betting currency.

      • Is it possible for individuals from other countries to register an account on Melbet Nigeria?

        No. Registration on is only available to players from Nigeria. Melbet Nigeria is a licensed bookmaker in Nigeria and citizens of other countries may face restriction in accessing registration